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Glad I have it

1st, I am glad I have it, and would buy it again. That said, I wish it was a bit sturdier, not sag as much as it does.

Super handy

Helps keep the dog in the backseat and provides a handy spot for a radio or other small devices when you are on a trail.

Regained backseat storage

Got a dog that took over my Tacoma’s back seat. No longer had a place to toss my hats, jackets, etc. The attic storage net is just what the Doctor ordered, to have a place for my hats and jackets without the dog laying on them. Followed the instructions and installation video. Installed within 10 minutes. Looks great! Is up out of the way. Highly recommend…..even if you don’t have a dog taking over the backseat.

Universal Seat Divider Storage Net

Essential Organizer

Used this product for a month straight everyday on an overland expedition in Baja. We stored a birding book, binoculars, and snacks with ease. Will be gifting this to friends. The net comes with clear instructions and they provided amazing customer service. We cannot recommend this enough. A must have!

Great product

I have one on both Jeeps now ! They are such a good addition for cargo .

Must Have item.

I have a 5th gen 4runner and it perfectly fits between front seats. It gives you more storage options. Great item! Highly recommend!

Works Great!

This was gifted to me as a Christmas present by my Wife. Looks good and gives additional storage in the truck. Suggestion would be for additional tightening strap when loaded with stuff, sags a little bit. Wouldn't consider knocking a star for it. I've got a 90lbs Weim blocking the rear window most of the time anyways. ;P

Perfect fit

Good fit for my 2022 Nissan Frontier. Adjustable enough to fit snugly. Feels durable, holds a 32oz Nalgene without flexing much.

Storage Divider

I use it more than I thought. It’s nice and convenient to place things in it instead of just putting it on the floor.

Not that great

Hangs down way too much can’t see out of the back window the cord isn’t strong enough

Flatirons Snapback
Josh Kleinman
Great Style

Love showing support for a great brand! Can't go wrong with this hat.

Universal Seat Divider Storage Net

a true fit tacoma access cab attic storage net

like the size of the net, fits the tacoma access cab just right. needs a few minor
adjustments so it doesn't sag below the rear window. a few suggestions for improvement. a middle support strap or line that you can adjust for the sagging. replacement roof clips that you can order if needed. i could use 4 more. all in all, it is the right attic net for my tacoma. bought another type but for a double cab and it didn't work. would need the roof clips and others supports to make it work. you got my 5 stars vote so far. will be looking for future improvements and parts.

The storage net is good it’s not as big as I thought it would be but works as intended.

It's ok

It's nice, looks super off roady, but it really blocks your rear view and falls down further than I'd hoped.

Awesome product and excellent customer service

Love the product, having that little bit of extra room to store items and have them out of the way. Also, very impressed with the customer service. I had lost two of the headliner clips and they were great to quickly send out some spares. Thank you!

Quality t-shirt

Bought it expecting a typical t-shirt quality t. I was thoroughly surprised with the quality of material and now it’s one of my favorite shirts.

Just what I needed

This was just what I needed to hold all the things that get lost in my truck and keep them within reach for ease of access!

The Best Looking Hat I Own

The second I got this hat, my life changed. Before it even arrived, I felt a noticeable difference. People respected me more. Women wanted me, men wanted to be me. When I put it on, it was like an out of body experience. I ascended from this world. I met god and he said "nice hat, much better than the pope's. You're the pope now." I returned to earth as the new pope. I sold all the artifacts and jewels in the Vatican for a massive profit, and now I am the world's first trillionaire. As I am sitting here, gazing upon my vast estate from my mansion made out of pure gold I only have one thought: I really like my hat.

Quality product

It a great product! It stretches and can hold a surprising amount of items, and it helps keep my truck organized. I have two kids that constantly need snacks. With this net I can keep a bunch of snacks close by without cluttering up my front seat.

Awesome product and service!!

Super convenient for storage of things I need all the time. You won’t be disappointed!

Handy accessory!

The Attic became available shortly after buying my Tacoma. With 2 small kids and limited cabin space, this seemed like a good addition, especially coming from an SUV where the kids could put stuff behind the seat on road trips. Blankets, jackets, stuffed animals all get stored in the Attic when we travel now. On typical days it holds a raincoat, hat and blanket just in case I need them.

My kids are short, so it works well. The Attic may not work well if taller people are in the backseat, it will sag and hit heads if there is too much stuff loaded in it.

Easily add storage space to your truck

High quality product assembled in Colorado. I throw my sweatshirt, hammock and other random stuff in my attic to keep it out of the back seat.

No more footprints on my stuff!!!

With two kids tracking endless mud, snow, and dust in the truck, this attic has been a life saver! I can keep my jackets and gloves dry and clean and on long trips the kids aren’t buried in a sea of stuff. One of the best additions to my truck. Don’t hesitate.